PTSO and SIC Mtgs Mon, April 9th begins at 6 PM Libraary Commons WIN Career Readiness Test Tue, April 17 Peter and Starcatcher Musical Begins April 20th
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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

ACADEMICS Spotlight: The Sophomore 12 - 2 - 2

The Sophomore 12 - 2 - 2 is what it takes for sophomores to advance to their junior year. Sophomores need to earn a total of 12 credits with two credits in English and two credits in Math for them to advance to junior status. Whereas we hope that you pass all of your classes, the 12 - 2 - 2 is the minimum requirement. Sophomores, are you doing all that you can to successfully advance to your junior year? Remember, exams are right around the corner.

ATHLETICS Highlight: Spring Sports

The following spring sports will be offered at Ridge View: Baseball, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Track & Field, Boys Golf and Boys Tennis. Lacrosse tryouts will begin on January 27th, while tryouts in the other sports will begin on February 3rd. However, some of these teams will beginning off-season conditioning in the near future. Please visit our athletics web page by clicking the image on the right if you need to contact a coach.

All athletic participants need a physical dated after April 1, 2013, a concussion form, parent consent and an information sheet. These forms need to be completed and on file with our Athletic Trainer, Coach Hoppe (  These forms can also be found on the athletic website or you can access them by clicking HERE.  You will also need a copy of your birth certificate on file with our Athletic Director, David Gordon (

There is a one-time fee of $25 per year for each student-athlete, payable once final selections for each team have been made. If a student-athlete paid this fee in the fall or winter, you will not have to pay this again to participate in a spring sport.

Monday, December 30, 2013

ACADEMICS Spotlight: Dual Credit Courses Offered At The View

Did you know that Midlands Tech teaches dual credit courses here at The View. Students taking these dual credit courses earn one high school credit and three hours of college credit. Student must receive a qualifying score on the ASSET (or COMPASS) test prior to registering for these classes. The college credits, issued by Midlands Tech, are transferable to any public four-year college in South Carolina with a grade of C or higher, and to some of the state's private schools.

These courses are free with the exception of purchasing a textbook and are taught by a Midlands Tech professor here at Ridge View during 6th and 7th periods two days per week, either on Monday and Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday. Students must be juniors or seniors to take these courses. Courses that are offered include:

  • ENG 101 - English Composition
  • ENG 102 - English Composition 2
  • HIS 201 - American History to 1877
  • HIS 202 - Americna History From 1877 to Present
  • PSC 201 - American Government
  • SOC 101 - Introduction to Sociology
  • PSY 101 - General Psychology
  • CRJ 101 - Introduction to Criminal Justice
If interested in taking one of these courses, please see your guidance counselor.

ACADEMICS Spotlight: The Freshman 5 - 1 - 1

The Freshmen 5 - 1 - 1 is what it takes for freshmen to advance to their sophomore year. Freshmen need to earn a total of 5 credits with one credit in English and one credit in Math for them to advance to sophomore status. Whereas we hope that you pass all of your classes, the 5 - 1 - 1 is the minimum requirement. Freshmen, are you doing all that you can to successfully advance to your sophomore year? Remember, exams are right around the corner.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ridge View Social Media Outlets

Aside from AT THE VIEW Daily, Ridge View High utilizes other social media outlets such as Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Our Feed, and the RVHS Website. Click on the icons below to view our other social media sites.

Facebook photo facebook-small_zpsf5191fa7.png Flickr photo flickr_zpsa03c1680.png Google Plus photo googleplus_zps27247a32.png Twitter photo twitterbird_zps348d2dc3.png youtube photo youtube_zps28090247.png RSS photo rss_zpsd3128fdb.png  photo RVIcon_zps312af6de.png

College and Career Center Important January Dates

The College and Career Center would like to share some important January dates with you. Additional reminders will be sent in the days leading up to these events.

  • January 16th: How to Pay for College Night in the Media Center at 6:30 PM.
  • January 17th: Columbia College will visit during lunch in the Main Hall.
  • January 22nd: USC Upstate will visit during lunch in the Main Hall; This is also College of Charleston. Decision Day - please sign up with Mrs. Bishop for an appointment and to get the application fee waived.
  • January 23rd: Lunch & Learn with AmeriCorps in the College and Career Center.
  • January 24th: Columbia College will visit during lunch in the Main Hall.
  • January 26th (Sunday): FAFSA Day in RV Media Center from 2-5 PM.
  • January 29th: Alabama State University will visit at lunch in the Main Hall
  • January 30th: SAT/ACT All Day Workshop - The cost is $35; sign up with Mrs. Bishop.
  • January 31st: ASVAB Test Administered - sign up with Ms. Barnes.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

What Do Teachers Do On Late Start Wednesdays?

L-R: Seth Gilmer, Janet Vargas, Michelle Bishop and Patti Clary.
Have you wondered what teachers do during the early morning on Late Start Wednesday's? On December 18th, teachers met in their collaborative groups and attending two training sessions regarding implementation of the Common Core. Teachers specifically learned about formative assessment strategies including the use of technology, close reading strategies and note taking skills.

ACADEMICS Spotlight: Our Social Studies Department

The Social Studies Department at Ridge View consists of eleven teachers with over 160 years of teaching experience combined. These teachers have taught on average for 15 years and have served Ridge View for an average of almost eight years. 

All of these teachers currently hold one or more graduate degrees, two have been award National Board Certification, six hold South Carolina's "Gifted and Talented" endorsement, six hold one or more Advanced Placement endorsements, and two have been recognized as "Teachers of the Year." 

Together, this department offers a wide selection of courses which, hopefully, students will find challenging, informative, and helpful in preparing them for their post secondary education and career.

Here is a complete list of courses offered through our Social Studies Department here at The View:
  • AP Human Geography (1 credit; usually freshman or sophomore year)
  • AP Microeconomics (1 credit; senior year)
  • AP U.S. Government and Politics (1 credit; senior year)
  • AP U.S. History (1 credit; junior year)
  • AP World History (1 credit; usually sophomore year)
  • Civil Law (1/2 credit; any grades)
  • Criminal Law (1/2 credit; any grades)
  • Current Events (1/2 credit)
  • Economics (1/2 credit; senior year)
  • Mock Trial (1/2 credit; any grades)
  • Psychology (1/2 credit; 10-12th grades)
  • Sociology (1/2 credit; 10-12th grades)
  • U.S. Government (1/2 credit; senior year)
  • U.S. History and the Constitution (1 credit; junior year)
  • U.S. History and the Constitution Honors (1 credit; junior year)
  • World Geography (1 credit; usually freshman year)
  • World Geography Honors (1 credit; usually freshman year)
  • World History From 1300 (1 credit; usually sophomore year)
  • World History From 1300 Honors (1 credit; usually sophomore year)
If you have any questions regarding the Social Studies Department, please feel free to contact Dr. Jessica Sweeney, Department Leader, at

L-R: Kurt Stiglbauer, Jessica Sweeney, Derrill Felkel, Edwin Griffin, Bob Crowley, Carol Kannisto,and Joyce Lide. Not pictured: Jennifer Borrowiec, Paige Fennel, Tracy Robins, and Matt Tinneny.

Friday, December 27, 2013

ACADEMICS Spotlight: Mid-Term and Semester Exam Reminder

We would like to remind students that exams will begin on Friday, January 10th, and end on Wednesday, January 15th. There will be no Late Start on Wednesday, January 15th. In addition, January 14th and January 15th will be half days. The second semester will begin on Thursday, January 16th. Click the image on the left to see the full exam schedule.

Credit Requirements For A High School Diploma

Are you aware of the credit requirements for earning a South Carolina High School Diploma? A student must earn a total of twenty-four units of credit. The unit requirements are as follows:
  • Computer Science (including Keyboarding) - 1 Credit
  • Economics - 1/2 a Credit
  • Electives - 7 Credits
  • English Language Arts - 4 Credits
  • Foreign Language or Career and Technology Education - 1 Credit
  • Mathematics - 4 Credits
  • Physical Education or Junior ROTC - 1 Credit
  • Science - 3 credits
  • Social Studies Elective - 1 Credit
  • U.S. Government - 1/2 a Credit
  • U.S. History and the Constitution - 1 Credit

Thursday, December 26, 2013

ATHLETICS Highlight: Boys Basketball Wins Opening Game of C. Joyner Poinsettia Classic

The Ridge View Blazers Varsity Boys Basketball team won a hard fought game 46-45 over JL Mann in the 1st round of the C. Dan Joyner Poinsettia Classic that is being played at Greenville High School. The game was tied at 22 each at the half, but the JL Mann Patriots took a 33-29 lead heading into the 4th quarter. The Blazers then outscored the Patriots 17-12 in the 4th quarter to win the game.  Dextor Foster had a game high 14 points and senior Quentony Washington scored 6 of his 8 points in the 4th quarter to help the Blazers advance to Friday's semifinals.

Ridge View (Record 2-4) 46
Torry Robinson 4, Dextor Foster 14, Trent Robinson 5, Daequan Smith 1, Quentony Washington 8, Cainan Griffin 5, Malik McLane 2, John Cooper 1, Khalil Hopkins 6 

JL Mann (Record 4-4) 45
Marks 2, Kinard 7, Johnson 2, Gaines 4, Zach Watson 12, Black 4, Alexander 2, Mike Felder 12

Next Game: 2nd Round of C. Dan Joyner Poinsettia Classic, Friday, December 27 at 3:30 PM vs. Eastside HS

Follow @RidgeViewSports on Twitter for more updates from C. Dan Joyner Poinsettia Classic.

ARTS Focus: Band Thanksgiving Trip Pictures

The Blazer Band had a terrific time in marching in a Thanksgiving Day parade in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as well as traveling to New York City over the Thanksgiving break. If you would like to see pictures of their adventure, please click the image below.
Director Vince Clayton Marching With His Blazer Band

ATHLETICS Highlight: Girls Basketball To Play In Carolina Invitational

The Varsity Girls Basketball team will be competing in the 3rd Annual Carolina Invitational High School Girls Basketball Tournament. The Lady Blazers will be one of 64 teams competing in 8 divisions, with a total of 96 games played between December 27-30th in Charleston, South Carolina. For more information on the tournament, click the image on the right.

Ridge View will be playing in the Patriot Division at St. John's High School on John's Island. They will play their first game against Salem, Va. at 8:00 PM on Friday, December 27th. Check the tournament website for updates on when the Lady Blazers will play on December 28th and December 29th. Good luck Blazers!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

ATHLETICS Highlight: Boys Basketball To Compete In Poinsettia Classic

Our boys basketball team will travel to Furman University to take part in the C. Dan Joyner Poinsettia Classic. The Blazers will play games on December 26th, 27th and 28th. Good luck Blazers!

ACTIVITIES Bulletin: FCA Packs Boxes for Operation Christmas Child

The Ridge View Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) recently met at the home of baseball player, Bryce Patrick, to pack Christmas boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  This is an awesome organization that sends presents to children all over the world.  The members of FCA hope to make this an annual event.  The club leaders and sponsors would like to especially thank Ms. Karlita Patrick, Bryce's mother, for organizing this event and opening her home and heart to us and the children throughout the world. Watch video by clicking HERE.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

ACADEMICS Spotlight:Institute of Health Sciences Magnet Holiday Luncheon

The Institute For Health Sciences Magnet program held a holiday luncheon on Wednesday, December 18th. Over two hundred current magnet students, magnet alumni, and magnet teachers attended the event. Aside from eating some delicious home cooked food, current students were able to hear from our alumni from the first two graduating magnet classes on how their experience in the Institute For Health Sciences prepared them for college. It was great to see and hear from our alumni.

ACADEMICS Spotlight: Health Science 2 Baby Project

Students in Mrs. Melton's Health Science 2 class just completed their baby project. After studying Human Growth and Development, these students participated in the care of newborns. Through a grant received by RVHS three years ago, the program has computerized babies that record "Real Life" care. Reports are computer generated after the students finish with their project, and they are graded according to the score generated by their baby. The students cared for the babies for 48 hours. Babies can be put in "daycare" mode while they work, but otherwise, the students are the sole caregiver. The computer bases the grade on how long the baby cries without attention, bottle feeding, diaper changes, burps and just cranky moods. Students have to trouble shoot and determine exactly what the baby's need is, just like in real life. The students really liked this project idea at the beginning until reality hit in regard to how hard it is to take care of a baby. The biggest complaints were.."I couldn't eat my dinner," "I couldn't get ready without the baby crying," and "oh my gosh...sleep?"

Elizabeth Bravo, Courtney Lee, Taylor Howell, Taylor Brown, Joy McDaniel, Mykhealah Cash, Yaz Barnes, Autumn Girffin and Angel Luna

Monday, December 23, 2013

ACADEMICS Spotlight: EOC's Scheduled For January 8th

This is a reminder that End-of-Course Exams will be given in Biology and United States History on Wednesday, January 8, 2014. These exams are prepared by the South Carolina State Department of Education and will count as 20% of a student's final grade. Students enrolled in these courses are urged to study over the holiday break.

ACADEMICS Spotlight: Allied Health Magnet Hospital Field Study

The Sophomore Allied Health Magnet students toured Palmetto Health Baptist Hospital in December. Regina Brown facilitated the opportunity for the students to speak with Valeria Richardson about career opportunities in the medical field. The students visited the Laboratory and the Birthplace facilities. The students were able to examine the use of bioinformatics in a hospital setting. They also learned about medical technologies located in each Birthplace room to cater to the needs of patients. Thank you Palmetto Health Baptist Hospital, Regina Brown and Valeria Richardson for their continued support for the Allied Health Magnet Program and Ridge View High School.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

ACADEMICS Spotlight: Scholars Academy Magnet

The Scholars Academy Magnet is one of two magnet programs at Ridge View High School. This magnet program is an energetic learning community of highly motivated students committed to achieving the goals of a challenging academic curriculum. The Scholars Academy Magnet provides an enriched personalized program of interdisciplinary study focusing on the strengths and interests of its participants by offering Humanities, Science, and Math clusters. 

Students are encouraged to pursue advanced courses in all disciplines in order to be competitive for admissions into highly selective colleges and universities. Scholars students complete their course of study with an average of 7-10 advanced placement courses, which can result in earning college credit.

Mrs. Nicole Walker is the Director of the Scholars Academy Magnet. She can be contacted by e-mail at if you have any questions. You may also visit the Scholars Academy Magnet website by clicking HERE.

ALUMNI News: Harvard Law Student Returns To The View

Alyssa Richardson, the 2008 valedictorian of Ridge View High School, returned to give back to her school as a guest speaker. Ms. Richardson spoke to Mrs. Jackson's Marketing class. After graduating from Furman University, Alyssa is now in her second year at Harvard Law School. After completing her degree, she plans to practice law in South Carolina.

Ms. Richardson challenged the students to take their high school years seriously and to do their best in their academics, extracurricular activities, and community service. She spoke about her experiences at Ridge View including her involvement in The Scholars Academy, The National Honor Society, The National Technical Honor Society, DECA, basketball, and more, and how this involvement has helped her to succeed in all of her endeavors. She is deeply appreciative to all of her Ridge View Family for all the love and support extended to her through the years.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

ACADEMICS Highlight: The Institute For Health Sciences

The Institute for Health Sciences is one of two magnet programs at Ridge View High School. This Institute is designed to provide learning opportunities and real world experiences in health science-related fields through a rigorous academic program enriched with interactive experiences. Its mission is to engage students in a challenging and competitive educational environment through a comprehensive course of study focused in science and other areas necessary for success in this evolving and rigorous field.

The Institute for Health Sciences is divided into two programs: BioHealth Sciences and Allied Health Sciences. Both programs require students to submit an online application through the Richland School District Two website. These highly selective programs accept students based on the following criterion: application, teacher recommendations, test scores, and an interview.

The BioHealth Sciences program offers highly achieving honor students a dynamic and challenging curriculum based on the nationally recognized Project Lead The Way Biomedical Sciences program using real-world experience and hands-on learning to prepare students for the 21st century health and medical professions. Students must have a strong work ethic to participate in this rigorous and comprehensive 4-year program that includes honors and advanced placement science and math courses. Students will deepen their academic development through experiential learning to create ethical professionals who lead through problem-solving, innovative thinking, and collaborative planning.

The Allied Health Sciences program offers motivated college preparatory and honor students a 4-year program that provides an innovative, diverse, and comprehensive curriculum that nurtures academic growth and enables them to reach their goals to become a part of the health sciences professional community. Students will participate in experiential learning uniquely designed to foster a broader awareness of health-related careers, concepts, and skills associated with the health sciences field.

The Institute For Health Sciences Magnet Director is Mrs. Jennifer McLeod. You may contact her at if you have any questions about this magnet program.

ACTIVITIES Bulletin: January Prom Tickets

January prom ticket prices will be $35.00 per ticket and will be on sale at lunch to juniors and seniors on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the main hall across from the book room. Tickets may also be purchased in B-40 before or after school. Please remember that if you have a debt, that will need to be paid to Mrs. Ross in the main office before you will be able to purchase a prom ticket. If you have any questions, please see Ms. Goings in B-40.

Friday, December 20, 2013

ACADEMICS Spotlight: BioHealth Magnet Hospital Field Study

The Sophomore BioHealth Sciences Magnet students toured Palmetto Richland Hospital. Ms. Regina Brown facilitated the opportunity for the students to speak with Ms. Valeria Richardson about career choices and volunteer opportunites. The students also visited the Heart Hospital and the Radiology Department. Thank you to Palmetto Richland, Regina Brown, and Valeria Richardson for their continued support.

Blazer Sophomore Co-authors Poetry Book

Blazer sophomore Shannon Taylor has recently had a book of poetry co-authored by her father, Kollin L. Taylor, published by Amazon. This is the 12th book of poetry written by Mr. Taylor, but it is the first one co-authored by his daughter. 

Mr. Taylor was born on the Caribbean island of Jamaica, and had not returned home for 17 years. The book is about his journey back to Jamaica that he recently took with his daughter.  While visiting Jamaica, Shannon saw her father writing poetry, just like she has witnessed throughout her life. This time was different, however, as Shannon was inspired by her visit to Jamaica. Together, father and daughter co-wrote Cool Breeze - Irie Man, which Shannon is credited for writing two of the poems.  The book is available on (click the image below for the link).  Way to go Shannon, The View is proud of YOU!

Happy Holidays & Vacation Dates

As we embark on our holiday break, we would like to wish everyone a safe and joyful holiday break. We would also like to thank everyone for a great 2013, and we look forward to your return in 2014. Ridge View will be closed for the holidays from December 21st to January 5th. Our doors will re-open with warm hearts on Monday, January 6, 2014.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

ARTS Focus: RVHS Chamber Singers Perform for Unihealth Acute Care

The RVHS Chamber Singers performed for the residents at Unihealth Acute Care of Blythewood on Tuesday, December 17th.  Members of the Chamber choir include Lilia Farris, Mikayla Vance, Lanaysia Wilds, Laura Montgomery, Keron Darmanie, Alexander Mobley, Kalei Darmanie, Benjamin Stogner, and Trey Radford.  

They performed Christmas carols and selections from the Winter Wishes performance.  The residents thoroughly enjoyed hearing these students perform.

ARTS Focus: Roberts Places Third In NCDA Competition

Congratulations to Alisa Joi Roberts who represented Ridge View in the National Career Development Association's Poetry and Poster Contest. Alissa was awarded third place in the region; and her submission will be sent to the state competition. Well done Alisa!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Students & Parents: College Scholarship & Acceptance Announcements

Please remember to send your acceptance letters and ALL scholarship awards to the College and Career Center, so they can be added to the Class of 2014's total! Please send in even the ones that you do not plan on using or did not apply for. If you were awarded a scholarship, we can count it. If you are not able to e-mail them to Ms. Bishop (, bring the original by the CCC and they will make a copy of it right away.

If you are wondering how The Class of 2014 is doing, click on the image below to see the document.

Seniors are urged to take advantage of the time over the holidays to work on scholarship applications. Remember, you cannot be awarded a scholarship if you do not apply for one. 

ACTIVITIES Bulletin: Blaze Defined Places 2nd In Competition

This past Saturday, Blaze Defined, the Ridge View Step Team, competed in the X-Clusive Steppers X-travaganza. This dedicated and talented group brought home the 2nd place trophy. Way to go Blaze Defined!

Blaze Defined will compete next at the Watch Me Step Community Event hosted by Kelly Mill Middle School on January 10, 2014. The event starts at 6:00 PM and admission is $5.
Pictured (L to R): Otis Thompson, Jada Williams, Kethan Smith, Yasmine Barnes (captain),
Jada Brown (co-captain) Jenai Brown, Keva Jones, and Otissha Thompson

Job Corps To Visit Thursday

Job Corps will be in the College and Career Center on Thursday, December 19th during lunch. If you are a senior and are not planning on going to college and would like vocational training after high school please come by the CCC.

White House Film Festival Video Contest

This contest is directly through the White House in Washington, D.C. Films should address at least one of the following themes:

  1. How you currently use technology in your classroom or school.
  2. The role technology will play in education in the future.
  3. How does technology help with:
    • Personalized Learning
    • On-line Learning
    • Global Collaboration
    • Student Creativity
    • Making and Tinkering
    • Critical Thinking
    • Project Based Learning
Submissions for the White House Film Festival will be accepted from November 25 through January 29, 2014. Video finalists may be featured on the White House website, YouTube channel, and social media pages. For more information click HERE to learn more and how to participate.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

ATHLETICS Highlight: USC Coach Martin Talks at Bojangles Basketball Bash

One of the highlights of the Bojangles Basketball Bash held at Ridge View this past weekend was a guest appearance by University of South Carolina Men's Basketball Coach Frank Martin. Coach Martin address the teams at the team breakfast on Saturday morning. He was also spotted in the stands later that evening for Dreher's victory over Cardinal Newman, and Hammond's victory over our own Blazers in the highlight game of the weekend.

Clemson Road Taking Applications For Free 4-year Old Kindergarten

Richland Two's Title I Child Development Program will be accepting applications from Monday, Janurary 13, 2014, through Friday, April 11, 2014 for the 4-year old kindergarten class for the 2014-2015 school year. This is a needs-based program designed to ensure that the most at-risk children enter kindergarten with the skills necessary to succeed academically. Children applying for the program must be four years old by September 1, 2014. Applications will be taken at the Clemson Road Child Development Center (CRCDC) at 2621A Clemson Road, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m during the time period listed above. Applications are also available on the center's website at For more information, please call (803) 699-2536. The CRCDC has classrooms on nine elementary school campuses in Richland Two: Bridge Creek, Conder, Forest Lake, Keels, Killian, Langford, Pontiac, Sandlapper and Windsor.

Exam Cram Bags Available!

You can pick up and drop off completed forms to Mrs. Corbin, the receptionist in the Main Office Rotunda.  If you want to print the form, please click on the image above.

Monday, December 16, 2013

CiCi's Pizza Night - Tuesday, December 17th

Out shopping?  Don't feel like cooking?  Come and enjoy dinner with the Ridge View School faculty, staff, and students Tuesday, December 17th from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM at CiCi's Pizza in The Village of Sandhills.  10% of your meal will be donated to Ridge View.  

Alumni News: Fonseca Returns As RV Staff Member

Blazer alumnus Gabriel Fonseca, Class of 2010, recently completed a leadership internship at Ridge View working with Ms. Lisa Ellis in Student Activities. Mr. Fonseca did such an admirable job that he was hired full-time here at The View as our new Lead, Learn and Serve Coordinator. Lead, Learn and Serve is a community service-learning program that can be used to replace a study hall, and students can earn school credit. In this program, students serve as student aides to Ridge View and Rice Creek Elementary teachers. 

Mr. Fonseca will also be tasked with being our Parent Volunteer Coordinator and will be a part of our Public Relations Committee.  He was the third of four Fonseca children to attend Ridge View and recently graduated from Coker College with his B.A. in Communications.  Mr. Fonseca can be found in room C-66 if any students are interested in the Lead, Learn and Serve program. 

Congratulations Mr. Fonseca. It is great to have you back!

ACADEMICS Spotlight: Frain A Finalist For Erskine Presidential Scholarship

Congrats to Catherine Frain who has been selected as a semifinalist for the Erskine College Presidential Scholarship Competition. The Presidential Scholarship is the most prestigious undergraduate scholarship offered at Erskine College. The Presidential Scholarship covers tuition, room, board and fees for the winners. The Scholarship is renewable for a total of four years of study and is valued at approximately $165,000. Way to go Catherine, and good luck!

ACADEMICS Spotlight: Chemistry Tie-dye T-shirts

Ridge View was a much brighter place last Tuesday as the combined chemistry classes wore their hand-made tie-dye shirts. The chemistry students traditionally do this lab as part of their organic chemistry/petroleum unit. Dyes are large organic molecules (meaning they are carbon based), and the shirts are 100% cotton, an organic polymer called cellulose. The actual dyeing, which was great fun for the students and teachers, represents a chemical reaction between the dye and the shirt. The dyes are, therefore, covalently bonded to the shirt, and will be strongly colorfast. This activity will culminate with a lab report detailing the process that the students used.

ACADEMICS Spotlight: Blazers Serve As Jurors At The NAC

On Thursday, December 12th, 45 of our students went to the National Advocacy Center on the campus of the University of South Carolina . These students were from Mrs. Kannisto's Mock Trial classes and Mr. Edwin Griffin's Government classes, and went to the center to serve as a mock jury in helping to train future federal prosecutors.

The National Advocacy Center is the training center for federal prosecutors. Federal judges come in from all over the country to teach and then sit on the bench for the lawyers capstone presentation of a formulated case. The juries are complied of high school students from local area schools. The case our students sat for was a bank robbery. After prosecution and defense presented their cases, the jury was sequestered and the lawyers and the judge went to another area while the jury deliberated. 

Our students did an amazing job on deliberating the case, and took this opportunity very seriously. On average, there are five different court rooms, usually holding the same mock trial, but with different attorneys and jurors. Our students learned exactly how a court case is presented. They helped critique the participants immediately following the verdict, and showed amazing insight into the workings of the court thanks Ms. Kannisto and Mr. Griffin.

ATHLETICS Highlight: Wrestlers Place At Weekend Tournaments

Congratulations to the following wrestlers for placing in their respective tournaments this past weekend. At the Irmo Sting JV/MS Tournament: Wesley Bockert (1st), Deon Wallace (1st), Marlin Davis (1st), DeJuan Warren (1st), Kyle Knigge (1st), Donta McMillian (4th), Robert Sims (4th), Christen Christenson (5th), and Nia Brown (6th). Congratulations also goes out to Willie Webb, who placed 3rd, at the Dutch Fork Silver Fox Varsity Tournament.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

College and Career Center News

Here is what is going on in the College and Career Center this week.
  • Wednesday, December 18th: a cadet from the United States Naval Academy will be here at 9:30 AM in room D-95 for interested students (mainly sophomores). See Mrs. Seay in D-95 or Mrs. Bishop in the College and Career Center for more information.
  • Thursday, December 19th: you are invited to a lunch and learn with Job Core in the College and Career Center.
  • The CCC would also like to announce that the College of Charleston will be at The View for Decision Day on January 22nd. Sign up with Ms. Bishop for an appointment and instructions.

Senior Advisory News: Guest Speaker Coming Wednesday

Seniors will report to Advisory on Wednesday for attendance to be taken before being escorted to the large gym to hear a guest speaker. Mr. Dale Barkley from the Naval Reserves Officer Training Corps (NROTC) will be talking to our seniors about a $180,000 scholarship opportunity!

Alumni News: Bundick's Band Appears on Jimmy Kimmel

Ridge View alum Chaz Bundick, known by his stage name Toro y Moi, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on December 3rd. According to Wikipedia, Bundrick's "music has taken on many forms since he began recording, but he is often identified with the rise of the chillwave movement in 2010 and 2011. His stage name is a multilingual expression consisting of the Spanish words toro and y (meaning "bull" and "and", respectively), and the French word moi (which means "me")."

Also, according to Wikipedia, "Chillwave, sometimes also referred to as glo-fi, is a genre of music whose artists are often characterized by their heavy use of effects of processing, synthesizers, looping, sampling, and heavily filtered vocals with simple melodic lines."