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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Questions About Bus Transportation?

Need to know your bus number and the location of the closest bus stop?  If so, click on the image. But are you also wondering what the 1st AM and 2nd PM (and vice versa) means.  Well, this is the same bus but the driver has 2 routes.  In the morning it will pick up all students from the first route and bring them to school.  The driver will go back out to pick up his/her 2nd route.  In the afternoon, it will change.  Students who are on the 2nd route will leave school first. The bus driver will return to the school to pick up the students who rode on the first route.

Also please understand the bus lot is not a student drop off or pick up area.  Students must be dropped off at the entrance near the RV marquee.  We understand that you may be in a rush, but for the safety of our students who walk to school and ride the bus, we ask that you drop off your students in the correct area.  There will be someone at the bus entrance to direct you to the appropriate entrance.

If you have questions about bus transportation, please contact Melissa Myers at or 803.629.2999 ext 84233.