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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Why Should You Take WorkKeys?

Whereas anyone can take WorkKeys, the state of South Carolina began requiring all third-year high school students to take WorkKeys in 2015. Taking the WorkKeys assessments demonstrates for employers that you have the basic math and reading skills to be productive employees. Because of this, more and more employers in South Carolina are recognizing and/or using WorkKeys as part of their hiring process. Additionally, the results will help our 3rd-year students plan for their senior year and beyond by considering the following:
  • Do the scores show that the student is college and career ready?
  • Are there courses that the student needs to take next year to improve chances of going to college or entering a career?
  • Are there internships or jobs available where the student can use the WorkKeys certificate to gain job experience?

The WorkKeys assessment will be given to all 3rd year students at RVHS on Wednesday, March 2nd. Due to this test, there will be no late start on March 2nd.