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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

ACADEMICS: Mrs. Cordelia Glover Relocates to Blazer Academy

Starting this school year, Mrs. Glover will be the freshmen school counselor.  She is now located in the Blazer Academy Office and is very excited to work with freshmen and assist them with their transition into high school.  To the Class of  2020, we promise that you are going to love her and your fist year at Ridge View High School  

To her students from last year, don't worry.  You are in excellent hands.  The new student counselor caseloads are as follows:
Mr. J. Patterson: A - Daley
Ms. J. Walker, Director:  H - I, Daniels - Dry
Mrs. A. Burley: J - Mn, Dubard - Fordham
Ms. T Mack: Mo - Sl, Fortune - Gilyard
Mrs. J. Vargas-Riordan: Sm - Z, Gladden - Guymon