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Friday, August 12, 2016

Are You Career Ready?

Are you career ready? Here are the habits of the most respected employees as compiled by Career Headlines. Which of these 15 will be hardest for you as an employee? What can you do now to overcome the problem?
1.They are likeable. Even when they're overworked, frustrated, or disagree, they remain positive. You won't find them sighing, rolling their eyes, or becoming defensive.
2.They buy into the vision. They make sure their company stands for something they can believe in. Otherwise, they go somewhere else.
3.They look out for their peers. A workplace holds a group of people who should be committed to each other's success. Lone wolves should not apply.
4.They take initiative. They don't sit on their hands. They don't ignore work needing completion, even when the work doesn't fall into their job description.
5.They follow through. Reliability is a requirement for great employees. No more to be said about this one!
6.They offer good suggestions. Great employees are always looking for ways to improve their company. Be careful that your idea is practical.
7.They accept that they can't always win. Great employees don't have to agree with every detail, but they must give their all for the team.
8.They support the leaders. If they can't do that, they need to change their attitude or find different work.
9.They take care of themselves. If they don't take care of their personal lives, they're unlikely to be successful.
10.They act ethically. Great employees strive to get stuff done, but they also have a bias toward fairness.
11.They have a sense of humor. All jobs can be stressful, and great employees see humor in everyday events.
12.They look for chances to help people. Whether it's to help a colleague with a task or help a customer find an answer, you should want to be part of the solution.
13.They evangelize. Everyone's job involves sales to some degree. Great employees know this and spread the news about their company's great products and services.
14.They say thanks. Great employees express appreciation to their boss, coworkers, and customers.
15.They count to 10. Rather than reacting immediately to frustration, great employees count to 10 before responding.