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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

CAUTION: Please Pay Attention to Pedestrian Signals

We have noticed that some students crossing the street when the pedestrian signals are displaying the red hand.  The intersection at the Ridge View bus lot and the entrance to Food Lion can be a very dangerous area if students do not follow the rules for walking across the street.  Because we would like to avoid any accidents between students and cars, we wanted to remind everyone of these rules. 
  1. Students should only cross the street when the pedestrian signals display the walk signal (see the image on the left).  At this time cars should be stopped allowing students to safely cross the street.
  2. If the pedestrian signal displays a red hand (see the image on the right), students should not cross the street.  They can push the button below the pedestrian signal that will cause the traffic light to change and allow them to cross the street.
If you have students that walk to school, please review this rules with them.  We all want them to walk with care, pay attention to what is going on around them, and get to school and return home safely.