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Saturday, December 17, 2016

ACADEMICS: Scholars Senior Research Project on ADHD

Grace Justice Presenting to RVHS Faculty
Scholars Academy for Business and Law student Grace Justice is conducting a senior capstone research project on how teacher education about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can best support students with it in the classroom. Justice is especially drawn to this project as she is a student with ADHD. The following is a message from Grace about some information that she would like to share about ADHD and her advocacy project.

ADHD is an incredibly common disorder with the most recent estimates reporting that 15% of people ages 4-17 had been diagnosed with ADHD in South Carolina as of 2011 (CDC). It is also estimated that two students in every classroom have ADHD. As common as that is, ADHD is largely ignored by the general public and is treaded like a joke when it is addressed. This can lead to those of us with ADHD being ashamed of our disorder and not learning how to help our symptoms. For example, before I began researching this topic last year, I did not even know what the actual symptoms of ADHD were. I knew that it made me "hyper" and "inattentive," but I had no idead that ADHD is so much more than those things. If I, a person who was diagnosed with ADHD ten years ago, did not have an accurate picture of ADHD then how could I expect people without it know, especially with how ADHD is treated in society. I want to help bring ADHD to the forefront for the benefit of younger students with ADHD, so that maybe they will not have to struggle with their disorder with as little help as I and older people with ADHD have mostly had to do. I feel that educating teachers is a great place to start as ADHD greatly impacts education within a traditional classroom learning environment. You can follow this project on twitter @psADHD.