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Monday, May 29, 2017

ACADEMICS: P.E. 1 Pacer Test Champions

Pictured: Aaron Atkins (Left), Leo Moya (Top Right),
Teondre Sumter (2nd from Top), Lauren Scott (2nd from
Bottom), Asharia Solomon (Bottom Right)
Coach Gilmer's P.E. 1 classes have completed their final FitnessGram testing: the Pacer Test. This test is a cardiovascular test measuring endurance. Congratulations to the following students on winning their class championship on this test:

  • Leonard Moya (1-2nd Block Male)
  • Lauren Scott (1-2nd Block Female)
  • Teondre Sumter (3-4th Block Male)
  • Asharia Solomon (3-4th Block Female)
  • Aaron Atkins (6-7th Block Male)