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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Scholars Capstone Spotlight: Divorce Among Christians

Recent Ridge View Scholars Academy for Business and Law graduate Angel Sara George focused on the issue of divorce among Christians for her Senior Capstone Research Project. According to research, there was a rise in divorce rates in the 1980's, and it has been steadily increasing since that time. These rates are actually higher in the Southern region known as the "Bible belt" than in the Northeastern United States. George was particularly interested in looking into why there is a higher rate of divorce among Christians who have Biblical and parental values. Her hypothesis was that it may be caused by the influence of secular culture. Her research question was: Why do Christians in the Bible Belt Choose to Divorce? To answer this question, George surveyed two groups of people, those above the age of 50 and to those between the age of 21-30. Those 50 and older responded to the questions with their strict interpretation of the Bible. They responded that they based their choices on Biblical teachings, whereas those in the 21-30 age group said they were influenced by their family, peers, Bible and even the media. In their responses, they knew the teachings in the Bible, but took on a more personal, holistic view. You can learn more about her research by visiting her website by clicking on the image or following her on Twitter @Christian_Vows. George is planning on attending the University of South Carolina - Columbia to major in Pharmacy.